Full Stack Software Engineer

Currently working as a Full Stack Software Engineering Specialist at Accenture.

Focused on building websites, blogs and virtual stores, making use of HTML5, CSS and Javascript for front-end development; PHP with frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, CakePhp and Java with Spring for the back-end side. Adding experience and generating multiple websites in the process, always seeking to meet and exceed the expectations of customers, as well as improve the user experience.

Programming tools applied: HTML, CSS, Sass, Scss, Javascript, React, Angular, Bootstrap, Materialize, Ant Design, PHP, Java, Spring, React, SQL, CakePhp, Laravel, Symfony, Twig, WordPress, GIT, Postman.



Key Systems CA

Company Project

MLA Mármol de León & Asociados

Project type: Langing Page.

Cactus Ideas

Project type: Langing Page.


Project type: Ecommerce.

ITS Logistics

Project type: Langing Page.

Juris Global

Project type: Full Web Site

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